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Oh boy

You can never truly begin to understand how I ended up in this situation. I used to be such a normal person never caught up in much of anything really, let alone the dangerous world that I became all to familiar with. My story starts a few years back; I was interning in a large fashion house in Paris, France. Most of the people I had interactions with could not tell you my name nor what I looked like but how that changed. One night very late I was running some samples back and managed to lose track of the hour and apparently where I was going. I became very aware that someone was following about the same time I realised I had reached a dead end. I turned around arms full of material samples looking frankly a lot more frazzled than I would have liked to and met the gaze of a lone man standing at the end of the alleyway. Every inch of him exuded menace from his tall build and broad shoulders to his flat black gaze, I was sad to admit that something about him was utterly alluring. Before I even realized what I was doing i myself began to stalk towards this what would appear to be almost certain death. His gaze remained on me as I continued to walk towards him and and almost comical light came into his eyes. I dropped the rest of the samples that I was holding and continued until I was standing mere inches from the most deliciously frightening man I have ever met! He held out his hand and I took it, apparently my sense of self preservation fell to the floor with all those samples I had to left further back in this dark dank alleyway. It took all of thirty seconds from that point for the situation to get immeasurably worse. A  young woman appeared behind this delightful man and thrust a sword deep into his chest from behind. Shocked I stumbled back, as he fell forward onto his knees she proceeded to snap his neck right before my eyes. She looked up at me with a slight pause her mouth fell into a slight o shape,  she spun around and began to walk over to were I was swaying in the alleyway. I attempted to stumbled back but she jumped toward me with lightening speed and grabbed a hold of my wrist. I struggled with her trying to brake her gaze but she was like some sort of amazon or something because her grip tightened like a vise. Her eyes were still glinting with the wicked light of her fresh kill and her smile grew wider as she took in my disposition. TBC