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Winter is Coming..

Maison Bentley Style


I freely admit I am behind the curve on the whole Game  of Thrones phenomena.  Forsooth, I only devoured my first box set after New Year..but I’m learning fast.  The obessesion has bitten and Season 2 is already underway – of course the joy of coming late to the party? There’s no horrible wait for next Seasons to start (yet)..they’re all lined up like the most delectable dishes at a banquet.  But it’s not only the storyline, I’m also smitten by the fashions..and it’s the men’s rather than the ladies: The leather, the studding, the macho winter layering and enormous shaggy shoulders.  I lust.  A little bit of searching revealed that Helmut Lang’s 2012 Fall Collection was inspired by the series.  And how very very appropriate it looks as the Polar Vortex attempts to do it’s worst.  I’d bet good gold that that sheepskin coat above would be ready to…

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Oh boy

You can never truly begin to understand how I ended up in this situation. I used to be such a normal person never caught up in much of anything really, let alone the dangerous world that I became all to familiar with. My story starts a few years back; I was interning in a large fashion house in Paris, France. Most of the people I had interactions with could not tell you my name nor what I looked like but how that changed. One night very late I was running some samples back and managed to lose track of the hour and apparently where I was going. I became very aware that someone was following about the same time I realised I had reached a dead end. I turned around arms full of material samples looking frankly a lot more frazzled than I would have liked to and met the gaze of a lone man standing at the end of the alleyway. Every inch of him exuded menace from his tall build and broad shoulders to his flat black gaze, I was sad to admit that something about him was utterly alluring. Before I even realized what I was doing i myself began to stalk towards this what would appear to be almost certain death. His gaze remained on me as I continued to walk towards him and and almost comical light came into his eyes. I dropped the rest of the samples that I was holding and continued until I was standing mere inches from the most deliciously frightening man I have ever met! He held out his hand and I took it, apparently my sense of self preservation fell to the floor with all those samples I had to left further back in this dark dank alleyway. It took all of thirty seconds from that point for the situation to get immeasurably worse. A  young woman appeared behind this delightful man and thrust a sword deep into his chest from behind. Shocked I stumbled back, as he fell forward onto his knees she proceeded to snap his neck right before my eyes. She looked up at me with a slight pause her mouth fell into a slight o shape,  she spun around and began to walk over to were I was swaying in the alleyway. I attempted to stumbled back but she jumped toward me with lightening speed and grabbed a hold of my wrist. I struggled with her trying to brake her gaze but she was like some sort of amazon or something because her grip tightened like a vise. Her eyes were still glinting with the wicked light of her fresh kill and her smile grew wider as she took in my disposition. TBC